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The jewelry processing factory tells you the history of anklets-

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-31
Foshan jewelry processing factory tells you the history of anklets-KEKE jewelry
There are various types and styles of jewelry. The anklet is also a type of jewelry, but few people will notice it. After all, the most popular jewelry are necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and you know the history of anklets. ? KEKE Foshan Jewelry Processing Factory will tell you about its historical origin and let you have a deeper understanding of anklets.

The anklet originated in Zhejiang during the Republic of China. At that time, flowers were connected into short necklaces and hung on the feet. This unintentional invention became the originator of today's foot ornaments. The anklet is not only suitable for wearing at the beach, it is also completely fine in normal times. The star-shaped rhinestones are beautiful outside the ankle. The anklet can be worn by both men and women. The folktale anklet worn on the left leg can prevent villains, and the anklet worn on the right leg can attract wealth. This is just a folk legend.

The various styles of anklets are different for men and women. For boys, Foshan jewelry processing factory thinks that they can consider wearing metal materials, such as titanium steel jewelry, to make you more cool and handsome; For boys with some sunshine, it is recommended to wear colored and delicate ones. They don’t have to be too big or too thick. 925 silver will be better, not too bright colors, they will look very seductive, dark blue, sea blue, deep blue, etc. Green and blue-violet are the shades that can be considered.

Among the people who choose to wear the anklet, it is actually favored by young women, and it is also very suitable for wearing it in informal places. Because there are fewer people wearing it, it can often attract the attention of others. If the feet are defective More, it is not very recommended to wear. Usually only one anklet is worn.

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