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The cooperation process of stainless steel jewelry OEM?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-31
The cooperation process of stainless steel jewelry OEM?
Jewelry brands or personal jewelry sellers are mainly looking for factory OEM jewelry. Currently, stainless steel jewelry OEM is more popular. What is the cooperation process of stainless steel jewelry OEM? Is there anything worth noting, the author of KEKE jewelry may be able to answer it for you.

Take our KEKE Foshan Jewelry Factory as an example, before the stainless steel jewelry OEM, we need customers to provide hand-painted drafts and electronic versions of the drawings, or provide samples directly to our jewelry factory. In this way, we can make proofing according to the customer's drawings or samples, and confirm that there is no problem, and we can carry out large-scale production of stainless steel jewelry. If there is a problem, we can also communicate with the customer in time to make process changes or design changes to restore the design drawings or samples to the greatest extent.

In addition to the design drafts and samples provided by customers, our KEKE Foshan Jewelry Factory also has many jewelry samples for customers' reference, covering various styles and styles of stainless steel jewelry on the market. You can choose the samples you need from them, and we will make jewelry for customers OEM or secondary design and development on this basis to complete customer needs. If it is directly OEM, there is no need for proofing. If it is secondary development, proofing confirmation is also required, which is the same as the above process.

In the cooperation process of stainless steel jewelry OEM, it is worth noting that the payment for goods is the link that both parties pay more attention to. Under normal circumstances, our stainless steel jewelry OEMs need to charge 30% of the payment as a deposit first, and pay 70% of the balance after the large goods are shipped. The same is true for other jewelry factories, and some will charge 50%, which depends on the regulations of the jewelry factory. . This payment method is guaranteed for both parties, and also solves the problem of customer's financial shortage.

KEKE jewelry factory has been focusing on stainless steel jewelry processing and customized OEM for more than ten years. It supports small batch processing. It has its own jewelry processing team, and develops new styles every month. It has the strength to help small and medium-sized merchants to customize OEM, and assist jewelry brands to develop new styles. We can satisfy All your requirements for jewelry, welcome friends in need to contact us~

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