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How much is the minimum order for custom stainless steel jewelry? How much is the price?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-24
How much is the minimum order for custom stainless steel jewelry? How much is the price?
The diversified development of jewelry has become a trend, and there are more and more personalized needs. Therefore, customized stainless steel jewelry has become a common choice for everyone. So how much is the minimum order for customized stainless steel jewelry? Will it be expensive and how much is needed?

The minimum order quantity for custom stainless steel jewelry is different for each manufacturer, some are 300, some are 500, and our KEKE jewelry processing factory supports small batch OEM customization, and the minimum order is 100. Will it be expensive? Generally, there will be customized drawings, samples, changes to the original design, or OEM customization. Each customization method is different, and the price will be slightly different, but the price is relatively cheap, so you can customize it with confidence .

The complexity of the process of custom stainless steel jewelry is different, and the price is also affected, such as what material is used? Which process is used? What is the thickness and color of the coating? It is recommended that friends who really want to customize jewelry can directly consult the jewelry factory. Only by understanding the process and method of jewelry processing and customization can you make a basic judgment on the price.

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