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How to choose the appropriate size of titanium steel anklet?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-12
How to choose the appropriate size of titanium steel anklet? KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel jewelry has been popular for a few years, but in titanium steel jewelry, titanium steel anklet is a product that is less popular than other jewelry, but it is indeed a jewelry with a very high rate of return. So when we choose titanium steel anklets, how to choose the right size? KEKE jewelry processing factory tips to teach you.

If you want to choose an anklet of the right size, you can put 3-5 fingers between the anklet and the ankle after wearing the titanium steel anklet, and the anklet will neither completely hang on the foot nor hoop. At the ankle, this size can be said to be the most suitable. If the titanium steel anklet is worn too tightly, there will be a feeling of being bound by the rope, which is quite indecent, so the anklet should not be worn too tightly. The anklet is also not suitable for wearing both feet, it will look clumsy, and in terms of meaning, it looks like an anklet, which is not very good.

When matching daily clothes, the color and style of titanium steel anklet, KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that it should be unified with shoes and clothing. If the color is too far away, there will be a superfluous feeling. For example, titanium steel material is always a good choice for anklets. Anklet made of titanium steel has a stern appearance, which can make the feet whiter, and is suitable for light-colored or nude shoes.

Although there are not many people wearing titanium steel anklets, whether it is for vacation or daily wear, the return rate of wearing titanium steel anklets is very high. However, in formal occasions, wearing anklets will be considered too fashionable and lack professionalism. In addition, on occasions that require a lot of exercise, try not to wear anklets to prevent affecting the blood circulation of the footsteps, damage your health, and possibly damage the anklets!

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