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Titanium steel jewelry processing factory explains the custom design process of titanium steel jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-10
Titanium steel jewelry processing factory explains the custom design process of titanium steel jewelry

Titanium steel jewelry products need to be carefully arranged from design to production, so what is the design process of titanium steel jewelry customization? Titanium steel jewelry processing factory - KeKe Jewelry jewelry tells you about the steps.

There are three parts in the design process of our titanium steel jewelry customization. It is best if the customer can provide design drawings. If not, the next design needs to be carried out. The first is the hand-painted design part. We will show the prototype of titanium steel jewelry on the paper by hand-painting. First, it can quickly record inspiration, and second, it can be changed at will, which is very convenient.

The second part of the design process of titanium steel jewelry customization is the graphic design drawing. After the titanium steel jewelry is modified with the hand drawing draft and satisfied, it is necessary to draw the graphic design drawing on the computer. This plan is mainly prepared for the following 3D graphics. , If you don't do this, you can directly carry out the 3D drawing design of titanium steel jewelry, and it will be very troublesome to modify it later. So be very careful with this step to achieve the desired effect.

The final part of the design process of titanium steel jewelry customization is the 3D design drawing. After all, this is the final product effect, which is a test of the designer's ability. Even if the same product is made by different designers and drafters, the effect will be different. After all, everyone's imagination and experience are different.

The above is the design process of titanium steel jewelry customization. A good product requires not only imagination, but also the use of existing technology and craftsmanship to carefully create the desired effect. KeKe Jewelry focuses on the processing and customization of titanium steel jewelry. The professional team is one-stop OEM, and supports small batch customization. Friends in need are welcome to contact us.

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