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How to wear a stainless steel bracelet?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-03
How to wear a stainless steel bracelet? KEKE Jewelry Factory
How to wear a stainless steel bracelet? Depending on the shape of the wrist, the color of the skin, and the occasions attended by different people, the matching of bracelets will also be different. Learn to match skills, make your temperament and fashion 'forced' to improve more than one level, and become the focus of attention on the scene.

Bracelet matching is first selected according to the shape of the wrist. The wrist that is suitable for wearing the bracelet is slender and the bones are not obvious. Most of the bracelets will be very suitable for such a shape, and there is no need to choose a special style. For wrists with obvious slender bones, you need to wear a basic bracelet to soften the shape of the wrist. For example, a bracelet made of simple pearls can soften the line of the wrist; for wrists with less obvious bones and more plump, it is suitable to wear a wider bracelet , so that she will cover your plump wrist, this shape looks generous and simple; the wrist is round and the bones are obvious, suitable for wearing a more personalized bracelet, which can divert attention and let everyone pay more attention to you bracelet.

Secondly, the stainless steel bracelet can be matched according to the color of the skin. It is very good to wear a silver-white bracelet for those with fair skin, which can make the skin whiter, and has a temperament that is out of the ordinary, and the advantage of whitening the skin is that it is suitable for bracelets of any color; For yellow wrists, you can choose red or blue bracelets, so that the wrists look more feminine; for wrists with darker skin, you can finally wear a bracelet that is similar to your skin color or particularly shiny; wrists with reddish skin are suitable for wearing Bracelets with exaggerated colors, so that other people's attention will be on the bracelet.

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