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How to choose stainless steel bracelets for different skin colors?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-05
How to choose stainless steel bracelets for different skin colors? KEKE jewelry factory
How to choose stainless steel bracelets for different skin colors? We all know that skin color is also one of the factors to consider when matching jewelry, so when choosing a stainless steel bracelet, you also need to consider skin color. Choosing the wrong color will not only not highlight the characteristics of the bracelet, but will also affect the overall temperament image. The following KEKE jewelry processing factory analyzes the bracelets suitable for various skins.

fair skin

Fair-skinned girls have unique advantages. In addition, the fair skin tone of Asians is mostly a warmer color. Compared with the cold white skin, it will look better, and it is also better when choosing a stainless steel bracelet. It's easier, it's not easy to step on the minefield. Women with fair skin can try a bracelet inlaid with pearls when choosing a stainless steel bracelet. Pearls can give people a dazzling feeling, making fair skin more healthy and translucent, making the wrist more soft, and highlighting the elegant and graceful temperament of women.

yellow skin

Yellowish skin tone refers to yellow skin in the traditional sense, which belongs to neutral skin and is the most common skin color of Asian women. When choosing a stainless steel bracelet for this type of skin tone, you should pay attention to the color of the bracelet, and try to avoid soil gold and yellow, otherwise the complexion will appear yellower and duller in comparison. KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that yellowish skin is suitable for wearing stainless steel bracelets in k gold and rose gold colors. When choosing, we should pay attention to avoid too large area, and slender and concise bracelets are better, such as chain-style design with bead embellishment It is a good choice, not only to avoid exposing shortcomings, but also to brighten the complexion and set off the complexion.

black skin

There are fewer girls with dark skin in Asia, and this type of skin tone is more difficult to choose. It is best to avoid the color system. Choose high-brightness tones to enhance your temperament. High-brightness stainless steel bracelets can cover up dark skin tones. Inadequate, emphasizing the advantages of highlighting their own personality, it appears to be generous. Black women should pay attention to avoid pink crystal, amethyst, tourmaline and other light-colored bracelets when choosing. They can choose a red pomegranate bracelet with a strong sense of shape. The high-brightness wine red with a transparent texture is just right. Embellished on the wrist, it will not look vulgar and unbearable, but has a unique style

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