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how to change a silicone watch battery -

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-30
The central content of this article is to show you how to replace the silicone watch battery when the silicone watch battery is dead.When the silicone watch battery is dead, you should replace it!If you don\'t have a rear opener, you can use the glasses screwdriver as long as you are flathead.Do this now: Step 1.Put the jelly watch in the watch vise and face you on the back.
While you are working, fix the vise to hold the silicone watch in place.If you don\'t have a watch vise, you need to hold the silicone watch firmly in your hands.STEP two .Insert the case back opener into the slot on the back of the silicone watch.
The bottle opener is flat.
Edge Tool, open the back without scratching the workpiece.STEP three .Pry the back with the box back opener and place the back on the side.Look at the battery and see which side faces the face and which side faces the back.
You need to keep this in mind when you replace the battery.STEP four .Remove the old battery and be careful not to touch or change any mechanism in the silicone watch.STEP five .Place the new battery in the silicone strap watch so it can be faced like an old one.
STEP six .
Press hard down with your thumb and put the silicone watch back on the battery.PS: Please check all warranty information you may have before replacing the battery yourself.You may cancel the warranty when you turn on the back and replace the battery.
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