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How long does stainless steel jewelry last?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-28
How long does stainless steel jewelry last?
The improvement of the quality of life has driven the demand for jewelry, so there are more and more jewelry factories. Every time we go out shopping, we will go to the jewelry store to have a look. If we see a good-looking jewelry, we will buy it. The most we buy is stainless steel jewelry, after all, the price is high.

Regarding the question of stainless steel jewelry, many of them have asked us, how long is the wearing life of stainless steel jewelry? How long will it take for the color to fade? KEKE jewelry factory tells you that after the stainless steel jewelry has been vacuum-plated in the furnace, it is theoretically 2 years, but there will be some differences due to different personal constitution, perspiration, and wearing environment. Thick gold plating time will be longer than ordinary plating color retention time, it can basically retain color for more than one year, so the wearing life is quite long.

Jewelry factories basically know that stainless steel jewelry is basically electroplated, and the fading of the film is related to the electroplating process. The stainless steel jewelry that has not been electroplated is the natural color of steel. After polishing, it is bright and bright, which is similar to the color of electroplated platinum. It will not fade. It only needs to be maintained and not scratched.

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