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halifax is moving ahead with a bylaw that would ban plastic bags

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-24
The city is pushing ahead with a draft charter banning singles
When the federal government announced a plan to ban all single people, plastic bags were used
Plastic is used nationwide.
Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini said that with the draft charter due to expire by the end of this year, he thought Halifax could impose a ban before the Trudeau government\'s 2021 target.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday a plan to ban \"harmful\" singles
As early as 2021, Canada used plastics and had producers responsible for funding recycling programs for the products they produced.
Trudeau\'s statement does not list specific products that will be banned, and he said the decision in the coming months will be based on scientific analysis.
The Halifax Regional Committee voted on January to instruct staff to draft a charter prohibiting single persons
Use plastic bags, reject the industry-
Preferred method of \"voluntary ban\", the city will work with the commercial and industrial sectors to reduce the use of \"plastic carry\"
Take out bags, utensils, cups, containers, straws and other waste products.
As president of the Council\'s environmental committee, Mancini led the allegations against plastic bags and was excited about the announcement by the federal government.
Read more: research has found that Canadians are eager to cut plastic packaging on food, but they lose their appetite once the price goes up | Emma teeter: I\'m not going to cut plastic off on food as a result, please ban the Trudeau government from planning to ban \"harmful\" singles.
He said plastic was used in Canada as early as 2021. \"I am still looking forward to receiving the draft charter by the end of this year . \".
\"We need to make progress in this regard.
We can\'t say, okay, we\'re done.
We are far from over.
We need to see that implemented.
A spokesman for Halifax regional municipalities, Brynn Langille, said in a statement that the draft articles of association will still be ready for consideration by the council \"no later than December 2019.
\"It\'s too early to say if there will be any changes, because we haven\'t received the full details announced by the federal government today,\" Langille wrote in an email . \".
The rules may pass through second reading at the end of the year or early 2020, far exceeding the federal government\'s 2021 schedule, and Mancini believes that the federal government\'s efforts can help swing lawmakers who voted against his ban.
\"Hope it can make (councillors)
\"I know the federal government is doing this, so I look forward to that conversation,\" he said . \".
\"It would be great if it really happened in 2021, and we can make adjustments at that time.
The Nova Scotia Municipalities have said they intend to follow Halifax\'s example, and they hope that, together with advocates and industry groups, the provincial government will implement a comprehensive ban to ensure that businesses adopt a consistent approach.
But the province\'s environment minister said last fall that the province would not impose such a ban.
In recent years, as China has stopped accepting recycled film plastics such as plastic bags and municipalities, including Halifax, are scrambling to find new markets for its waste, the issue has become the focus.
The problem here is even more complicated, as film plastics are not allowed in landfill sites in Nova Scotia.
When asked where Halifax\'s plastics ended up, Langille said, \"all the plastics from the Halifax Regional municipalities are sold domestically.
Plastic bags are processed at Goodwood plastics.
At a press conference on Monday, the local eco-action center (EAC)
Applauded the announcement of the federal government.
\"Plastic is a toxin and should be regulated accordingly,\" the press release said . \".
\"We tend not to think that plastic is a toxin like oil or other harmful substances, but plastic bags in the environment are just oil spills that move slowly.
Science reveals the long term
Long-term effects of microplastics on wildlife, the environment and human health.
The EAC noted that the announcement lacked details and encouraged the federal government to work with the provinces and municipalities.
\"Canadians have clearly expressed their concerns about plastic pollution,\" the press release said . \".
\"EAC pays tribute to all the groups and initiatives that have sprung up in Nova Scotia and Canada to reduce our use of plastics, prevent further plastic contamination, and encourage further participation and vigilance.
Zane Woodford is Halifax.
The reporter focused on City Hall.
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