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dig unearths round table evidence at windsor castle

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-10
Windsor Castle has found evidence of a building related to the myth of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table.
In the 14 th century, Edward III built a circular structure to accommodate round tables intended to accommodate 300 Garter Knights.
Channel 4 time team members found archaeological evidence of the building in the courtyard of the castle.
Although the stone has been removed, the ruins
The place where they used to be remains the same.
Tony Robinson, the show\'s host, said the discovery could help resolve the historian\'s argument over the existence of the building over the years.
\"The Roundtable architecture is one of the most important archaeological discoveries we have ever had.
This helps build the Arthurian legend of the Round Table Knights.
\"We started to uncover the walls of the building, and they were exactly where we wanted them to be.
Experts have been speculating about the building for centuries, but they have not been able to find the real one.
\"This is one of several remarkable discoveries made by archaeologists in three Royal residences.
Found a small piece in front of Buckingham Palace
It could be a golden earring or a necklace from Victorian times.
Experts also found that about 1700 of the garden workers who were beautified threw away a stone Beer Cup.
At the Palace of Hollywood, the Queen\'s official residence in Scotland was unveiled, a 17th-century or 18th-century seal that may be used to affix wax to documents.
After months of negotiations with Royal delegates, the excavations were allowed.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman said all findings would be classified and the findings would be added to the Royal Windsor archives.
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