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thanks for visiting cnnmoney. supermarket chain to ban plastic packaging within 5 years personal finance

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-31
The British supermarket chain Iceland has promised to stop packing its own products in plastic within five years.
The company has 900 stores that specialize in frozen foods and will replace plastic packaging with materials such as paper, cellulose, glass and metal.
Alternatives, including existing recyclable and biodegradable materials, will be used for about 1,400 of the chain\'s own product line.
Biodegradable alternatives made of thin cellulose or plants-
Starch has been around for decades but is expensive.
\"The technology and practicality of creating alternatives that are less harmful to the environment exist, so Iceland is putting its shares on the ground,\" said Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland . \".
The supermarket said the move to new packaging would not lead to higher prices.
\"Iceland will make significant investments to provide plastic alternatives, but this will be implemented step by step within five years,\" said Keith Hann, director of corporate affairs at the company . \".
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The company says it has customer support.
The company cited a survey by OnePoll showing that 80% of consumers would support the supermarket\'s move to eliminate plastic, while 91% said they were more likely to recommend the store to friends.
Greenpeace UK said they were \"impressed\" by Iceland\'s plans \". \"Other U. K.
Supermarkets have made a positive voice and introduced policies to reduce packaging and eliminate some plastic products, but Iceland\'s plan covers all products of their own brand and tries to completely eliminate plastic packaging, graham Thompson, spokesman for Greenpeace, said.
Thompson said Iceland was the first big retailer to take the initiative.
Related report: by 2050, there were more plastic in the ocean than fish. The move came during a public debate in the UK about the environmental harm caused by plastic waste.
Estimate 12.
According to Greenpeace, 7 million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year. The U. K.
The government said last week it hoped to eliminate \"avoidable\" Plastic waste within 25 years.
Critics say the statement lacks concrete advice.
A group of British lawmakers also called for 0. 25 ($0. 34)
Disposable coffee cup tax.
They believe that the \"latte tax\" will force consumers to use recyclable cups and reduce waste.
Free disposable plastic bags are prohibited in the United States. K. supermarkets.
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