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How to match the sweater chain in winter?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-08
After the first snow of winter, temperatures start to drop significantly. Many people put on sweaters and long pants, and new scenery appeared on the street, and those beautiful sweater chains added a lot of color to the coming winter. Today, the author will talk to you about how to match the sweater chain in winter.

Color selection and clothing color complement each other. In winter, the colors of clothing are mostly dark. When considering matching, you can choose sweater chains in bright colors, which can create a sense of hierarchy. For sweater chains with darker colors, it is more suitable to match light-colored clothing. Note, try not to make the color of the shirt the same or even similar to the color of the sweater chain, so the matching effect will be much less.

Bright color sweater chain can be matched with dark clothes Dark sweater chain can be matched with bright color clothes The relationship between the chain length and the collar of different collars is also different in the sweater chain suitable for matching.

A round or V-neck dress with a short chain necklace can make the overall sweet or smart; a high-neck dress with a mid-length necklace can modify the neck and face shape and make it look more slender.

In addition, the choker style necklace is matched with the large round neck clothing, which can break the aesthetics of moderation and enhance the aura.

The short chain (clavicular chain), the medium chain and the long chain mainly depend on the style and temperament of the clothing. Choose the sweater chain according to the style and style of the sweater. If it is a monochrome sweater, it can be matched with a medium and long titanium steel pendant. If the outfit itself is already eye-catching, just choose a simple nude pendant match.

The rules for wearing sweater chains depend on the person. Some people like literary style, while others like fashion style. The final principle is to fit the temperament and wear it happily.

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