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How to choose the right titanium steel ring for you? Follow five principles

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-25
How to choose the right titanium steel ring for you? Follow five principles
With the increase of income level, the group who likes titanium steel jewelry is also more extensive, and everyone has a love for beauty, but not every jewelry is suitable for you. How to choose titanium steel jewelry is also a knowledge. Today, the author will tell you about the selection skills of titanium steel rings. According to the five principles, everyone can easily find the right style.

1. Stubby hands

It is suitable to choose a titanium steel ring with a single marquise diamond, which can visually highlight the slenderness of the finger and make it more beautiful.

2. Thin hands

In order to enhance the sturdy feeling of thin and thin hands, you can choose a square, rectangular, or round diamond ring. If you set some bright small diamonds next to the main diamond, your fingers will be colorful.

3. Petite hands

A single diamond titanium steel ring is a better choice. It is simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful, and the style of Xiaojiabiyu is on the finger. Be careful that the diamond cannot be too large.

4. Slender and beautiful hands

Titanium steel rings of any style and cutting shape can be controlled, matched with gemstones or diamonds to match them elegantly, full and beautiful; if it is a thin ring, it can hold up a beautiful solitary diamond, and the elegant atmosphere is full of fingers.

5. Thick and large hands

Rugged wide rings seem to be designed for this type of hand, with large marquise rows and oval diamonds giving them an air of delicacy.

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