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How much is stainless steel jewelry OEM?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-31
How much is stainless steel jewelry OEM? KEKE jewelry factory
How much is stainless steel jewelry OEM? It mainly depends on how many stainless steel jewelry the OEM requires, and what process is used in the process. The more requirements, the more processing technology, and the corresponding price of the OEM will change accordingly. KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on jewelry OEM customization, let's talk about OEM prices.

There are two ways of OEM for jewelry processing factories, one is to choose finished products as OEM, and the other is to customize OEM. The difference between the two is whether it needs to open the mold and proofing modification, and the cost will be included in the OEM price. If we are not satisfied with the proofing, we will make a second or third proofing. If there is more, we will charge an additional fee. Therefore, if you are looking for a jewelry factory to manufacture jewelry, you also need to know that there are these costs. Communication is clear in the early stage, and there are rarely more than three revisions.

The processing technology of stainless steel jewelry will also affect its price, because there are various processes, and the production plan is carried out according to the requirements of customers. The main processes are casting, wire cutting, stamping, polishing, hollowing, oil dripping, carving, etc., but no All are used, just choose the appropriate process for OEM production. Among them, the more the craft is used, the OEM price also increases, because the craftsmanship is complicated, and the accessories made are more delicate.

The stainless steel jewelry OEM will finally carry out electroplating in a vacuum furnace. The thicker the film, the higher the price, especially for electroplating K gold, rose gold and other colors. Because of the use of real gold targets for electroplating, the corresponding OEM cost will be slightly more expensive. After all, you get what you pay for. KEKE jewelry processing factory undertakes stainless steel jewelry processing customization and OEM production, supports small batch processing, custom drawings and samples, welcome friends in need to contact us.

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