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How is the jewelry factory handled?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-24
How is the jewelry factory handled?
Every manufacturing industry will have tailgating goods, and so does jewelry factory. So how do jewelry factories deal with tailgating goods? There are two main types of residual goods. One is to do more when making goods, which is mainly used as a supplement for loss, and the other is the backlog of inventory due to product or sales reasons.

Each jewelry factory has different handling methods for tailings, but the handling methods are similar. The purpose is to destock and reduce warehouse pressure. There are also many professionals in the market who collect and end up stock. As long as you contact them, pack the stock, and negotiate a price, it will be dealt with directly. The price of this processing method will be very low, this is just one of the methods, and there are many times that this method will be abandoned because the price cannot be negotiated.

If there are fashionable and high-quality jewelry factory tailstocks, you can also keep them as part of the factory operation, such as providing free samples to customers, or giving them away as a marketing campaign gift. In this way, customers can be retained, and their own craftsmanship and strength can be shown to customers as a part of subsequent customer transaction conversion. But if there is a lot of inventory, or the quality is not so good, this method is not applicable.

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