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Big changes ahead for recycling in Metro Vancouver

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-16
Surrey Trade Council joined the opposition.
Material BC on Wednesday called on the provincial government to postpone the new recycling program until it consulted and educated businesses what that meant to them.
CEO Anita Huberman said that while MMBC was preparing for the launch in May 19, the board had been overwhelmed by phone calls and complaints from small businesses over the past two weeks.
\"They don\'t understand,\" she said . \"
\"We ourselves are very confused about the whole situation.
\"The project has placed the responsibility of industry to fund the cost of collecting and recycling packaging and printing paper, and has also attracted the attention of B. other business groups. C.
At the same time, municipalities are waiting for the initiative to meet expectations.
Most cities in Vancouver-
Including Vancouver and Surrey
An agreement has been signed with MMBC to pay them rewards or compensation for the contents of their blue bins;
Other cities, such as Gao Guilin, have completely controlled the blue color.
Bin collection system to MMBC.
In the meantime, Delta and Langley Township will continue to use their own collection system.
Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said the risk of signing up was too great, noting that MMBC did not guarantee expected revenue from selling goods such as paper, tin and plastic because it relied on market prices.
This is particularly disturbing, she said, because the press is hesitant to sign a contract with MMBC.
\"When we got the financial analysis, it was almost broken --
Jackson said.
\"We just want to make sure we do our best for Delta residents.
Rob Costa Zuo, deputy operations manager for Surrey Engineering, said that if the project goes as planned, it is likely to reduce waste and recycling collection fees for residents of his city --
But he admits it may vary from municipality to municipality.
If the project does not meet expectations, the municipality may give a notice six months in advance to withdraw from the project.
\"Once we get the actual collection, we will know better,\" he said . \".
This is how it should work: What is moreMaterial BC (MMBC)? Multi-
Material BC is a No. for-
Industry profit-
Taking over the Blue leadership organization --
In May 19, the box system from the municipality and the cost was recovered from the company that produced the packaging and printing paper.
It is one of more than 20 \"Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Procedures introduced in B. C.
Over the past 20 years, industry has taken responsibility for items such as beverage containers, electronics, paint, waste oil, tires and batteries.
A legal entity of MMBC, B. C.
Under the jurisdiction of Ontario-
The board of directors based in the Management Services Alliance of Canada, including Unilever Canada, Metro, Wal-Mart, Tim Holden
Loro Company Limited, Coca-
Coke snacks and P & G Canada.
Why are we doing this?
The province says MMBC-
The plan of operation will increase the recovery rate of packaging and printing paper from 52 to 75, while providing roadside Blue
Box collection to 1. 25 million B. C. households.
The MMBC program will enable residents to recycle New category packages that are not common in existing roadside or warehouse recycling programs, including milk cartons, plastic foam packaging, flower pots, aluminum foil packaging, plastic film packaging and beverage cups of certain types.
How does it work?
According to MMBC, the responsibility for recycling product packaging is transferred from the consumer
Municipal collection service fee-
Put these materials into businesses in consumers\' homes.
In order to comply, these businesses must calculate the amount of packaging and printing paper they distribute to consumers.
MMBC then allocates fees and uses revenue to pay municipal Blue-
Box shows or other business shows.
MMBC expects the system to charge about $0. 11 billion a year.
Where did the money go?
Alan Landon, general manager of MMBC, said the fees charged from the business represent the net cost of the project.
Any excess income from the sale of goods will then be returned to these businesses to help pay the cost.
Landon, who doesn\'t know how much revenue it will bring from selling recyclable items, said it will depend on the market value of various items.
2012 market research of EBA Engineering Consulting Co. , Ltd.
Vancouver Metro is expected to generate 1.
Carpets, glass, electronics, organic matter, paper and plastics are 3 million tons per year.
Among them, 630,000 tons were recovered and 650,000 tons were imported into the landfill.
Waste materials for the Vancouver Metro do not include organic and electronic products, worth about $53 million.
The potential cost savings for Vancouver Metro to process recyclable items is $28. 5 million.
Must the municipalities give up their blue color? box collection? No.
According to The MMBC program, there are three options for municipalities.
The first was adopted by most Vancouver municipalities, allowing the city to continue to operate its own blue-
Box collection system and receive \"award payment\" from MMBC, which reserves the right to process and sell recyclable items in a blue box.
MMBC estimates that the incentive rate per household is $32 to $36, or $30-million-
Good subway in Vancouver.
The second option selected by Delta and Langley Township allows municipalities to maintain the status quo of Blue
Without the box collection of MMBC rewards, MMBC was subsequently unable to process and sell recyclable items.
The third option to be chosen by the places donated by Gao Guilin, Anmore and the university is to have MMBC hire contractors to provide free roadside pick-up service directly to the city.
What can be collected under MMBC system? B. C.
Residents will be able to recycle new packaging categories that are not common in current roadside or warehouse recycling plans.
Glass must be separated to prevent contamination of recyclable items;
It is up to the municipalities to decide whether separate glass can be placed in a blue box or whether it must be taken to a local warehouse.
Must business be a part of MMBC?
Businesses are not obliged to join MMBC but must comply with recycling regulations.
How they follow is their choice, and businesses that choose not to join MMBC can make their own management plans.
Beer dealersC.
For example, when the newspaper department has not yet joined MMBC, there is a management plan waiting for approval from the province.
What is the penalty associated with MMBC?
Municipalities with three blue binsper-
Cents like broken glass will face a fine of no more than $120,000.
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