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Treasure Hunt: Finding and Identifying Mid-Century Costume Jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-28

Mid-Century costume jewelry is just fun to watch, collect and wear.Those crazy menus-Era bracelet necklace earrings and brooch are generally good-Made, usually thick bold, sometimes a bit whimsical.Surprisingly, many works have stood the test of time.I have a small collection passed on to me, and some of the things I bought myself, all of which have been at least 50 years old.Some clearly marked with easy-to-identify names: Trifari, Monet, sipparei, Wes--I decided to do more research on the design of the mark.However, I would also like to learn more about unmarked pieces.This is obviously a more difficult task, but given the specific features of the type of style, buckle and clip, and a little bit of luck, I believe I have achieved some success in this effort.Below, I plan to update if I have more information.Born in Italy, Elsa Schiaparelli began her career as a fashion designer in Paris in her 1920 s and ended up dabbling in clothing jewelry and licensed products.Her design, particularly influenced by her association with surrealist artists such as El Salvador Dali, has gained 1930 visibility in the United States.Moved to New York in 1940 and at the end of World War II, she returned to Paris in 1945 to complete her design work.She closed the fashion company in 1954.She died in 1973 and sold her rights to the name of Schiaparelli.Schiaparelli at present of House in 2006 get the rights and file and in 2012 re-open the is located in Paris-Dom & 21, of superior custom house.Trifari is a familiar name in clothing jewelry.The company was founded in 1910 by Gustavo Trifari.He later added Leo Fishel Krussman and Carl to the name Trifari, Krussman, Fishel (TKF) in 1917 and 1925 respectively ).From 1930 to 1950, some of their most popular items include Trifari Crown pins (inspiring the crown in their jewelry marks), as well as pins featuring flowers and vegetables, fruits and all kinds of animals.Mr.Before Alfred Philippe was hired in 1930, Trifari handled the design for the company.Mr.Philip served as chief designer until 1968.Alfred Philippe has applied for patents for many designs of Trifari, including \\ \"clips-Partner in 1936Clip-Partner is an example of a clipThe pin, which consists of a brooch, can be divided into two smaller clothes clips.Hallmark acquired the company in 1975 and then sold it to the crystal brand in 1988.In 1994, Trifari was sold to Chase Capital Partners, a unit of Monet purchased by Leeds Clapham in 2000.From the establishment of the company to the acquisition of Claiborne, all authentic Trifari jewelry has been signed.The early works did not include the Crown that appeared in the 1950 s.Michael and Jay Chernow set up a company called Monocraft in New York in 1927.Initially, the company was involved in the letter combination, first producing the letter combination decal for the car, then producing handbags for the department store, and then producing its own jewelry.The Monet mark is used 1937 for the first time.Edmund Granville, a designer who worked for Cartier, was hired by Monocraft in 1934, and until 1959, he was the only designer of the company.After World War II, Monet entered 1950 century and began making charm bracelets, clipsOn earrings and necklaces, the metal design has continued to focus for many years, even while expanding the clothing jewelry and other product lines.General Mills acquired an equity stake in Monet\'s parent company in 1968.The name was still used in the 1970 s.Monet continued to expand in the 1980 s and 1990 s with permission for the production of clothing jewelry from Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix.The Monet group, which included Trifari and Marvella at the time, was acquired in 2000 by Liz Claiborne.Founded in New York in 1942 by Albert Weiss, Albert Weiss & Company is known for its rhinestones and enameled jewelry.Various marks have been used over the years, including \"Albert Weiss New York\" and \"Wes N \".Y., \\ \"Then \\\" Weiss \\ \"is represented separately in capital letters, originally used in 1951, and later marked with copyright in front of it.\"Weissco\" was also used for a while.Manufacturing outsourcing, especially Hollycraft in the 1960 s and 1950 s.Authentic Vintage Wes slices, smooth or finishedlooking backs.The company closed on 1971.This silver-tone bracelet is set with blue marquise and round faceted glass stones with a brooch and unfortunately only one earring has no visible marks.However, I happen to notice a photo of a bracelet on the cover of a book by Ann Mitchell Pittman * with a similar clasp on it, which led to further research.I learned that Juliana was an unsigned line made by DeLizza and Elster in the 1960 s, identifying only paper labels.An interesting article by Pamela Wiggins for spruce (see link below) about identifying Juliana jewelry, including pictures of five unique rectangular link rings on the back of the bracelet, and feather marks on the buckle and chain rings.Apparently, there has been a surge in the collection of Juliana series, resulting in some copies and/or improper attribution.Since I know the age of my set, I\'m pretty sure it\'s authentic DeLizza & Elster and I just want it to be complete.Ann Mitchell: Pittman.Inside the jewelry box: Collection Guide for clothing jewelry identification and value.A Department of Schroeder Publishing-collector\'s books., Inc., 2004.This very beautiful gold-tone brooch, although somewhat gorgeous, is approximately 2x2 inch in size and comes with an orange, green and yellow faceted gem.Probably from the 1950 s to the 1960 s, it has not been confirmed so far.Unique Identification marks found on these little golden sound clips-Purple crystal earrings set-The colored stone is a tiny pat.156452 \\ \"on each clip \\\".I found that Frederick W got a design patent, D156452, USA, for finding ear clipsMolson, transfer to B.A.Ballou & Co.In December 1949This patent applies only to clips on the back of the earrings, which are used by many companies, including Sherman and skypalelli.While it is clear that some Sherman earrings are not signed, in the photos I have seen, the name \"Sherman\" is printed along the length of the clip.Again, a unique signature tag appears on the clip designed by Schiaparelli, and in any case I do not believe that these earrings are Schiaparelli or Sherman.B.A.Balu Company LimitedProvidence, Rhode Island, was W in 2009.R.A competitor to the results of the Jewelry survey, Cobb.More information about vintage jewelry and jewellery companies can be found on the following websites.I would like to hear from anyone who has more knowledge to share about the project described in this article.
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