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Titanium steel jewelry processing factory teaches you how to use exquisite titanium steel jewelry to decorate yourself?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-18
Titanium steel jewelry processing factory teaches you how to use exquisite titanium steel jewelry to decorate yourself?

Exquisite trinkets will always bring a sense of surprise to women, especially titanium steel jewelry, which is a combination of fashion and the times. How to use this titanium steel jewelry to decorate yourself with more personality and temperament Woolen cloth? KeKe Jewelry has a few tips for you.

1. Long titanium steel earrings paired with low-neck clothing can make the neck look longer. Inverted triangular titanium steel earrings are more suitable for people with sunken temples and double chins. For short necks, earrings or small earrings can be considered. If you are thinner, it is recommended to use earrings such as rings, which will look fuller.

2. The color of titanium steel accessories should be distinguished from the color of clothes. The primary and secondary colors should be clearly distinguished. Do not use one color all over the body, let alone be colorful. But a set of the same color can be paired with a brilliant titanium steel accessory as an eye-catching point, so that it looks more individual.

3. After wearing colorful titanium steel earrings, do not wear other eye-catching titanium steel jewelry, such as brooches and bracelets, otherwise the overall shape will feel dull. If you choose the same set of titanium steel jewelry as embellishment, it will look more advanced.

4. Choose different clothes according to different occasions and match the corresponding titanium steel jewelry. For the same reason, you need to match different accessories in different seasons. For example, in summer, you should not match big hair ball earrings, it will appear very silent and heavy, anti-season and not in line with the mainstream. .

The above is the jewelry matching suggestions for everyone by KeKe Jewelry, I hope you like it. KeKe Jewelry has been focusing on the custom processing of titanium steel jewelry for many years, with meticulous workmanship and quality OEM. Friends who need bulk customized jewelry are welcome to contact us~

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