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the media business; smaller cd boxes promised amid clamor about waste

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-27
By Sheila rurov
1992 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Responding to a wide range of environmental issues, the record industry said yesterday that it would replace long cardboard or plastic display boxes in which it sells a disc package that is not larger than a small plastic container that holds the disc.
Jay Berman, president of the American record industry association, said members of the group-
Companies that produce and sell more than 95% of recorded music sold in the United States--
It has been agreed that as of April 1993, the new version will be packaged in the month-by-12-
The inches box the buyer threw away when he came home.
They used the size of 5 by 1/2.
The details of the packaging of the record store object tother will be left to the individual record companies, but the final product has almost no one-time packaging.
The largest members of the group are Bertelsmann, EMI, MCA, Polygram, Sony and Warner.
But the national record label Association, which represents record retailers and wholesalers, said that while it supports packaging that will not harm the environment, the new size will cause serious problems for retailers because CDs are easier to steal, harder to show in the eyes
Capturing fashion requires an expensive replacement of the display box.
Advertising packaging has always been one of the hottest issues involving CD, with about 0. 3 billion of sales in the US alone each year.
The long box is designed about twice as much as the plastic container (called the jewelry box) that holds the disc, so it is difficult for the thief to steal things, and once used for a long time, it will be stacked on the shelf
Play the album.
Advertising, but long boxes waste millions of pounds a year, and more garbage dumps have sparked strong protests ---
The Sierra Club says two of every 5 pounds of the country\'s garbage is cardboard and other paper products.
The most famous critics of these boxes include Don Henry, Bonnie Wright, and the record artists of the R group themselves. E. M.
On 1990, Geffen Records released Peter Gabriel\'s greatest work.
Shake the tree album-
Golden Star in 16 gemsbox-only format. Mr.
Gabriel is the second commercially important recording artist to ask his latest album not to be releasedbox packaging.
Earlier in the same year, popular child performer Raffi insisted that the disc of his first MCA album, evergreen blue, was only posted in the jewelry box.
Daniel J. , Sierra Leone club executive at the press conference.
Wes, the answer is no less.
\"Eliminating long boxes is music for us,\" he said . \".
\"Congress has to get other industries to sing the same tune, otherwise Americans will still sing the crap Blues.
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In last March, the music industry had said that the long box would be replaced, and the record company began to develop alternatives that did not require a one-time package, such as the album cover, which should be consistent with the recorded music.
Time Warner\'s packaging arm, Ivy Hill, for example, says it plans to sell the eco-packaging within a month.
Pak is an attractive container with a plastic tray inside and cardboard around it.
Martin Folkman, spokesman for the company, said the package would \"help restore dynamic graphics to dynamic LP covers at 50, 60 and 70,\" with the use of processes such as foil stamping, molds, etc.
Cutting and stamping.
The product will be in 5-by-11 1/2-
Retail stores and consumers can fold the inch format to a new standard size after purchase.
According to the company, ecology
The production cost of Pak does not exceed the current disc packaging format.
Pamela Horowitz, executive vice president of the record company group, said she expected the record industry to end up packaging only products in plastic jewelry boxes, instead of packaging because there is no financial incentive to do so. Mr.
Berman says the record industry is very sensitive to retailers redesigning store fixtures to keep different initial costs
And assure merchants that this will help them explore ways to offset costs. Mr.
Berman also said he did not think the new size had any effect on the theft,
Horovitz disagreed, saying that theft would increase and that retailers might have to install electronic surveillance or otherwise enhance security.
A version of the article was printed on page A00001 of the National edition on February 28, 1992, with the title: Media Business;
In the hustle and bustle of waste, the smaller cdbox promises.
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