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novichok survivor recalls \'oily\' substance in perfume bottle

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-17
A British man who was poisoned by noviko said in an interview released on Tuesday that he was lucky to be alive after sending his girlfriend a perfume bottle with nerve drugs. his girlfriend later
CharlieRowley, 45, said he was surprised that he survived after dealing with this \"greasy\" substance himself, but he was still working for his partner, Dawn Sturgess. year-
The old mother of three children
Both men were ill in Amesbury, near the southwestern city of Salisbury. There, a former Russian spy and his daughter are in March.
In an interview with ITV News television, rowley said he did not remember where the glass perfume bottle had been found, but said that the perfume bottle was still in boxes and plastic packaging.
When he gave it as a gift to Sturgess, \"she recognized the bottle and the product as a well-known brand\" and sprayed it on his wrist.
\"Within 15 minutes, Dawn said she had a headache,\" she went to the shower in a suit.
Rowley also took some in his hand, but washed it off.
\"It has an oily substance and I smell it and there is no perfume,\" he said . \".
Both of them were sick and were hospitalized later in the day, June 30.
A few days later, the authorities confirmed their contact with the military\'s Novichok.
Grade neurologist developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
Sturgess died on July 9, but rowley was discharged from hospital on Friday two weeks after being in a coma.
In a telephone interview with The Sun, he said: \"It\'s terrible, it\'s shocking.
I was still taking medicine when they told me she died.
I think I can never overcome it.
\"My heart is open to the family at dawn.
It\'s amazing that I\'m alive.
In a way, I feel I am lucky, but I have lost a lot too.
\"The police saw the death of sturg as murder and said it was related to the poisoning of Sergei scripal and his daughter, Yuliya, on March 4, which was a major investigation lead.
Britain and its allies have accused Russia of trying to kill former military intelligence colonel Skripal, who was jailed for selling Russian agents to the UK and moved here as 2010 spy.
Russia has strongly denied its involvement, triggering a major diplomatic dispute.
Rowley said he was \"very angry with the whole incident \".
\"It is very irresponsible for people to leave the poison to anyone to pick it up.
\"It could be a child,\" he told ITV . \".
Rowleysaid said he has been with Sturgess for almost two years and she is a \"very loving woman \".
His home is still guarded by the police, but The Sun says he lives nearby and is occasionally interviewed by detectives.
The cordon around the Salisbury guest house where Sturgis lives will be lifted on Tuesday.
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