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how to make a tree trunk with brown packing paper

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-11
If you need to make the trunk as a prop or decoration, you can do it yourself at home with brown wrapping paper.
Brown wrapping paper is the ideal material to build trunks for stage design or haunted house props.
Be sure how big you want the trunk to be. For a life-
The size of the trunk sitting on the stage, 5 feet is a good medium sizesize trunk.
Consider the size of your actor as well.
If they were children, the trees next to them would look bigger.
For interactive design, such as a haunted house or fantasy display, the trunk needs to be 5 feet full or more.
The width of the trunk should be enough for it to stand on its own.
Spread brown wrapping paper and measure the size of the trunk. For a 5-
Measure and cut 5 feet of the paper.
Attach the two long edges with the staples at the top and bottom and secure the seams with masking tape.
For higher trees, create another tube and add it to the end of this tube with masking tape and DingTalk.
For wider trees, and trees that may be better able to stand on their own, make several shorter trunk parts by connecting the short ends of the brown wrapping paper.
Put the suitcase at the end of it and wrap it tightly with a crumpled newspaper.
The newspaper will provide stability and weight for your trunk.
Use several concealer at the bottom opening of the trunk to bring the filling of the fixed newspaper.
Cut a Long brown wrapping paper from the roll and tear it off or cut it into narrow strips.
Knead the note to soften the look of the paper and nail it to the trunk from the top.
Fold the top of the crumpled strap over the top of the trunk, fix it with a few nails, and then bind again at the bottom.
Add at least one layer of crumpled stripes to give the trunk texture and hide the masking tape seams.
Use tempera paint to add more colors and textures to the wrapper trunk.
Use several colors to highlight the part and give dimensions to the trunk.
Walk regularly to the back of the room to see what your trunk looks like from an audience perspective.
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