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How to identify true and false titanium jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-16
How to identify true and false titanium steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry processing factory
1. Compared with platinum, titanium steel is darker in color. It is a calm and bright metallic color. The authentic titanium steel has a strong texture.

2. The degree of fineness of workmanship is getting higher and higher than before. The ring called titanium steel in China is actually stainless steel. Those with higher requirements generally use 316 grade stainless steel material.

3. Wearing titanium steel ring is not allergic, it is a kind of material that is harmless to human body.

4. If the titanium steel (stainless steel) ring is white gold, this is the true color of the material after polishing, and it will never fade. Customers can scratch the surface of the ring with sharp objects, such as stainless steel, there will be no other colors.

5. 316 stainless steel can be adsorbed with a magnet, 316 is slightly non-magnetic, 304 is weakly magnetic, and the lower the number, the stronger the magnetism.

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