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How to clean your stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-04
How to clean your stainless steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
Don't let your necklace get tarnished

It always has a very high price your pound for stainless steel jewelry that also has an amazing shape and creative design. However, stainless steel jewelry always has a major disadvantage, you can always make some stains on it, when you don't realize it may reduce the luster of your jewelry. Now, I share a few easy ways to properly clean your sterling silver jewelry.

First: Use soap and water

If your stainless steel jewelry has only a little dust, dirt or sweat, any mild dish soap or hand sanitizer and warm water will properly get it clean.

Make sure you've dried your jewelry after washing it with water and soap, or you'll get a subtle rinsing spot that will mask its natural shine.

Second: Clean it with toothpaste

If you don't have any other way to clean your stainless steel jewelry, you can use toothpaste to help you remove stains from your jewelry. , you should also take the same safeguards as the above method.

Third: a good electrolysis may also help you

You don't need to be an amateur chemist to electrolytically clean your jewelry, you just have to prepare your home and stick to some basic things with the ability to instruct. This means cleaning your jewelry is fantastic for all-around debris, and whatever the toothbrush can't get into all the cracks.

Fourth: Rhodium plating

Rhodium is a natural white metal much like platinum, used to add luster and better resistance to stains in your jewelry. You can have a piece of content associated with sterling silver and platinum plated jewelry - a de facto family treasure. While it's not a cleaning method per se, rhodium plating may help your jewelry last longer between cleanings and look better as well. If you have jewelry rhodium-plated items, you should clean with steam or even hot water. Chemical cleaners may remove the finish and make it patchy.

Stainless steel jewelers are worthy of trust in jewelry. With many years of design experience accompanied by a keen eye, Stainless Steel Shop has a large selection of beautiful and fashionable jewelry. I just have a few suggestions on how to clean your jewelry, maybe you have a better way to do it, please write them and let us share.

Fifth: Here are the steps I show you how to clean jewelry thoroughly electrolytically:

1. Put aluminum foil in the pan

2. Put enough water until it completely covers your jewelry

3. Mix in some baking soda - about 1/2 cup per 500ml of water

4. Boil water

5. When the water starts to steam, take the pot from the heat and put your jewelry in

6. Use pliers to place your ornament in the water

7. Please note this method to clean your jewelry, boiling water may affect some features like gemstone or gemstone plating.

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