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How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-24

Don't let your necklace tarnish.

It always has a very high price for your sterling silver stainless steel jewelry that also has an amazing shape and creative design. However, stainless steel jewelry always has a major disadvantage. You can always get a little stain that can reduce the shine of your jewelry without you realizing it. Now, I would like to share a few simple methods that can help you properly clean your sterling silver jewelry.

First: use soap and water.

If your stainless steel jewelry has only a little dust, dirt or sweat, any mild detergent or hand sanitizer and warm water will get it cleaned properly.

Make sure you have dried your jewelry after washing with water and soap, otherwise you will get a subtle wash point that will mask its natural shine.

Second: clean with toothpaste.

If you have no other way to clean your stainless steel jewelry, you can use toothpaste to help you remove stains from your jewelry. You should also take the same protective measures as the methods above.

Third: Good electrolysis can help you too.

You don't need to be an amateur chemist to electrolytically clean your jewelry. You just have to prepare your home and stick to the basics with the ability to command. This means it's great to clean your jewelry with all the debris, even if the toothbrush can't get into all the cracks.

Fourth, rhodium plating.

Rhodium is a naturally white metal, much like platinum, used to add luster and better prevent your jewelry from tarnishing. You can have a paragraph about sterling silver plated platinum jewelry — family heirlooms, actually. While rhodium plating itself isn't a cleaning method, it may help your jewelry last longer and achieve better results between cleanings. If you have a jewelry rhodium-plated item, wash it with steam or even hot water. Chemical cleaners may be completely removed, leaving it looking incomplete.

All stainless steel jewelers are trusted jewelry. With a keen visual design experience over the years, Stainless Store has a huge selection of beautiful and stylish jewelry. I just have some advice on how to clean your jewelry. Maybe you have a better way to clean your jewelry. Please write it down and let us share it together.

Fifth, here are the steps I show you how to clean jewelry and thoroughly electrolyze it:

1. Put the aluminum foil in the pot

2. Put enough water until it completely covers your jewelry.

3. Mix it with some baking soda - about half a cup per 500ml of water.

boil water

5. When the water starts to steam, remove the pot from the heat and put your jewelry in

6. Use pliers to drop your ornament into the water.

7. Please pay attention to this method to clean your jewelry. Boiling water may affect functions such as gemstones or gemstone plating.

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