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How to choose the size of stainless steel bracelet?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-02
How to choose the size of stainless steel bracelet? KEKE Jewelry Factory
Stainless steel jewelry is very popular now, especially stainless steel bracelets and stainless steel rings, but there is a very troublesome thing, that is, how to choose the size of stainless steel bracelets to suit me? The author of KEKE jewelry factory will share with you the selection skills.

We all know that stainless steel bracelets are easy to slip off when buying larger ones. Even if it is just right, it is very troublesome to remove, so it is very important to choose the right size. So there is a very simple trick, which is to put the four long fingers (except the thumb) to the 'tiger's mouth', squeeze it tightly, and then measure it with a measuring tool. On this basis, add 2~3mm to the stainless steel that suits you. Bracelet size ring. If you like looser, you can add more.

In addition to this, there are other methods. We all know that when choosing the size of a stainless steel bracelet, it depends on the diameter of the inner ring of the bracelet. Therefore, you can put the thumb and tail finger as close as possible, ask a friend to help you measure the cm length with a soft ruler, divide by 0.314, that is, the inner ring of the bracelet is suitable for you. KEKE Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory These methods can be used for reference. Generally, there will be no problems. If you want to give bracelets to others as gifts, you can use these methods. You can't go wrong.

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