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How to choose good quality stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-25
How to choose good quality stainless steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
How to choose good quality stainless steel jewelry? Don't think that all stainless steel jewelry is the same. In fact, different craftsmanship and grinding work will affect the quality of stainless steel jewelry. Therefore, how to choose high-quality stainless steel jewelry can also teach you how to distinguish high-quality stainless steel jewelry.

If the quality is good, it must be of fine workmanship and good quality, then the material must choose 316L stainless steel. This model is a material that is very suitable for stainless steel jewelry. Here is an extension of the question, does stainless steel jewelry have magnetism? Many people have such doubts, because some people think that the presence of magnetism is false. In fact, the real situation is that there will be weak magnetism, but it will not be manifested, but there will be, and sometimes it will be displayed, depending on the impact of the product.

Back to how to choose high-quality stainless steel jewelry, we have been a jewelry processing factory for many years, and the good quality is reflected in the smoothness, wear resistance, and color retention after processing. However, the thickness of the film will also affect the color retention time, so the thicker the film, the longer the color retention time. The artificial inlay is more flat and beautiful. These are the qualities of good quality stainless steel jewelry.

KEKE jewelry processing factory has been focusing on the processing and customization of stainless steel jewelry for 20 years. It supports the customization of drawings and samples, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality jewelry design and processing services. Friends in need are welcome to contact us and look forward to working with you. ~

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