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How long does it take for the jewelry factory to make samples?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-01
How long does it take for the jewelry factory to make samples? KEKE accessories
Our KEKE jewelry focuses on the custom processing of titanium steel jewelry, and custom customers basically need proofing, so people often ask, how long does it take for the jewelry foundry to make proofing? The proofing time needs to be judged according to the customer's requirements, and it needs to be communicated to be accurate, usually within three to seven days.

So how long does it take for the jewelry foundry to make a sample? For example, the customer wants to customize the product designed by himself, which requires opening the mold, remaking the product from beginning to end, and how difficult it is to realize the customer's product. Even in the processing of titanium steel jewelry, there are several processes to choose from to achieve the effect of a product. Which one do customers need? If the original foundation is simply changed, this is basically the original proofing time. These are the judgments of the proofing time.

The jewelry factory has time for proofing, and then it needs to be realized. During the jewelry proofing process, it is also necessary for both parties to communicate continuously so that the proofing plan can be carried out effectively. Because we have encountered many customers who are about to complete the proofing, make changes, and repeatedly change back and forth. In the end, the proofing time is exceeded, and we are blamed for the slow proofing time. Therefore, the proofing must be communicated. Only through communication, the jewelry proofing can come out as soon as possible.

KEKE jewelry processing factory has been focusing on titanium steel jewelry customization for 10 years, supporting small batch customization, OEM with drawings and samples, and friends in need are welcome to contact us! Looking forward to your visit~

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