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How long can the color of titanium steel jewelry film be preserved?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-02
How long can the color of titanium steel jewelry film be preserved? KEKE jewelry factory
KEKE jewelry processing factory has been focusing on titanium steel jewelry processing for 10 years, one-stop OEM customized jewelry. Many people have asked us a question, how long can the color of the titanium steel jewelry film be maintained? If you want to know the effective time of the film, you must first understand the process.

How is the titanium steel jewelry film made? In the processing of titanium steel jewelry, we have a surface treatment process called vacuum electroplating, which is the key process of coating, mainly through electroplating, the material layer molecules and stainless steel molecules are firmly combined together, so the electroplating film layer is not easy. Falling off, and it can improve the quality and beauty of jewelry, is a rare process, if electroplating k gold can keep the color longer.

So back to the point above, how long can the color of the titanium steel jewelry film layer be preserved? If other electroplating methods are used, such as water electroplating, the color is generally maintained for one to two months, while the vacuum electroplating process used by the titanium steel jewelry processing factory, It can keep the color for half a year or even more than a year. Everyone knows why titanium steel jewelry is more expensive than other jewelry!

The above are the answers to the questions we gave. KEKE jewelry processing factory can provide you with customized OEM services for titanium steel jewelry, support small batch processing and customization, welcome friends in need to contact us!

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