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How does a jewelry processing factory design and produce stainless steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-28
How does a jewelry processing factory design and produce stainless steel jewelry? KEKE accessories
For every jewelry processing factory, producing good products is their most important job. Only in this way can they increase their income and have good sales and good reputation when they flow into the market. So how to design and produce What about stainless steel jewelry? Let the author of Foshan Jewelry Factory tell us about it.

First of all, as a designer, in addition to the basic hand-painted modeling ability, software drawing ability, thinking ability and aesthetic ability, and keen insight ability, before designing each stainless steel jewelry, we must fully give the jewelry the necessary soul, integrate into The idea that the jewelry itself wants to express, so that the jewelry can speak without opening its mouth;

After the stainless steel jewelry is designed, it is necessary to sample the jewelry. The flexibility and toughness of each movable part of the stainless steel jewelry must be fully considered to ensure the beauty and firmness of the jewelry itself. In the process of jewelry processing, it is necessary to fine-tune the design and processing steps, fine-tuned, and polished to ensure that every polishing of the jewelry is smooth and flawless.

If the jewelry needs electroplating, we usually choose vacuum electroplating, and the number of electroplating should not be too small; the stainless steel jewelry has to undergo a tensile test to ensure that the necklace and bracelet will not fall off the chain continuously, and the bracelet will not be easily deformed, etc.; of course, choose The raw material is also very important. We all choose titanium steel to ensure the quality is good.

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