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Titanium steel jewelry processing factory teaches you to protect patents

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-03

Titanium steel jewelry processing factory teaches you to protect patents

1. Apply for an appearance patent;

2. Sign a confidentiality agreement.

First of all, if the jewelry style you need to process has been sold in the market, it belongs to the existing design, and then applying for a patent will be troublesome. In addition, the product style has not been sold or disclosed to the public. You need to further analyze the difference between the product design and the sold accessories. If the difference is not big, it is meaningless to apply for a design patent. It is recommended not to apply.

Second, how can we prevent this from happening again?

Sign a contract with the jewelry manufacturer before the transaction, agree on who owns the right to apply for the patent, and agree not to disclose business secrets.

For example, a transaction or contract signed between you and a jewelry manufacturer may be one of the following: a contract of contract, an entrusted development contract, or a cooperative development contract. Generally, the person who made the contract (that is, you) has the right to apply for a patent or a patent; if there is no agreement in the contract for entrusted development, the right to apply for a patent generally belongs to the developer (that is, the jewelry manufacturer); if there is no agreement in the cooperative development contract, the two parties jointly total. However, it can be stipulated in the contract that it belongs to either party or to both parties.

Therefore, in order to avoid disputes in the later stage, it is best to agree on which party the patent application right or other intellectual property rights belong to in the early stage.

In addition, if you are sure that your design can be realized, you can submit a design patent application first, and then let the jewelry manufacturer process it (contract price).

Finally, if you are still worried that the jewelry styles processed and produced by jewelry manufacturers have not yet been put on the market, there are similar styles on the market. You can sign a non-disclosure agreement when the jewelry manufacturer signs the contract.

For example, we at KeKe Jewelry sign a non-disclosure agreement when we sign a contract with a client. To ensure that the customer's jewelry styles will not be leaked out or privately produced and sold.

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