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Titanium steel jewelry has a good development momentum, and it is the mainstream jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-12
Titanium steel jewelry has a good development momentum, and it is the mainstream jewelry
The more common jewelry materials are silver jewelry, platinum or gold jewelry, and now there are also titanium steel jewelry and stainless steel jewelry on the market, and jewelry processing factories are everywhere, that is, because people nowadays The demand for jewelry is growing.

Titanium steel jewelry is a very common type, and it is also a product that is easily accepted now. It has a silver-gray tone, whether it is highly polished, mercerized, or matt, and has a good performance. Except for precious metal foil, gold A more suitable jewelry metal, jewelry processing factory in the style design, relatively simple and clean cutting, high design and low-key avant-garde style, very popular with young people. Because titanium steel jewelry has good corrosion resistance and bright appearance, and is a special steel that does not damage the human body, its strength and corrosion resistance are only slightly inferior to titanium alloys. Therefore, it is often used in foreign modern jewelry design and is a popular jewelry material in the world.

This year, titanium steel jewelry is standing at the forefront of the trend, and it has become a fashionable and cool material with the perfect combination of the neutral trend that has become more and more intense recently. The characteristics of titanium steel jewelry produced by jewelry processing factories are that it is not easy to fade, not deform, and has no irritation to the skin. The Chinese market's awareness of titanium steel jewelry is still in its infancy, but it has a good development momentum and is gradually becoming the mainstream trend in China.

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