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The role and influence of color matching of fashion accessories

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-17
The Role and Influence of Color Matching in Fashion Jewelry KEKE Jewelry Factory
The styles of fashion accessories are 'colorful', and the colors are even more colorful, and many unnatural colors are applied to the color matching of accessories. Different colors can have different effects and influences on people's psychology and physiology; colors can produce a sense of warmth and coldness, warm colors have a feeling of expansion, and cool colors have a feeling of contraction.

1. The weight of the color: The color of the jewelry can give people a sense of weight. This visual psychological experience depends on the brightness of the color. Light colors with high lightness feel light, and dark colors with low lightness feel heavy. Cool colors are generally lighter than warm colors at the same brightness. This role of jewelry has important implications in dealing with balance and stability. It can make the bulky body and clothing look light, and it can also make the soft body and elegant clothing become stable.

2. Soft and hard color: The color of jewelry can also give people a sense of soft and hard. Bright colors feel soft and dark colors feel hard. This soft and hard effect has a great influence on the character and style of the character. Jewelry with hard-tone colors gives people a cold and hard feeling, which can emphasize the fortitude of men and improve the weakness of women; jewelry with soft-tone colors gives people a kind and gentle feeling, highlighting women's demeanor and changing Men are stiff and stubborn.

3. The distance of color: The color of jewelry can have the effect of advancing and retreating, expanding and contracting in people's psychology. The colors painted on the same plane make some parts of the object feel closer, with a sense of protruding forward; some parts are farther, with a sense of receding and fading. Therefore, different colors make the decorated object expand or contract. This effect of jewelry color can be used to improve the body shape of the human body. Fat people should use dark and cool jewelry to make others feel withdrawn; thin people should wear bright and warm jewelry to make people feel bulging and more eye-catching.

4, the light and shade of color: the color of jewelry can also cause bright, melancholy and gorgeous, simple feeling. This is mainly a function of the brightness and purity of the color. Generally bright and bright colors are bright and gorgeous; dark and turbid colors give people a melancholy and uneasy feeling; dark and gray colors make people feel unadorned. This role of jewelry can be exploited to express the wearer's mood and style, which in turn affects the feelings of others.

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