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The original titanium germanium bracelet is so magical

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-31

Function introduction of 'titanium gold' bracelet:

1. Relieve exercise fatigue and improve various discomfort symptoms around the body 2. It has a certain effect on cervical vertebra, frozen shoulder, bronchitis and pharyngitis, and also has an excellent effect on insomnia. 3. It has certain curative effect on cerebral insufficiency, headache, cerebellar atrophy, hypertension, pharyngitis and cataract. 4. It has certain curative effect on hand tremor caused by numbness, sprain, trauma and thrombosis. 5. Can improve gastrointestinal function, reduce gastric acid, and have a good effect on periodontitis and bad breath. Recommended users: 1. People who feel uncomfortable in hands, shoulders, and waist 2. People who play sports (golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc.). ) 3. People who need concentration (while studying and playing games) 4. People who feel tired often. Headache, shoulder pain. People who use their brains too much. People with poor sleep quality 8. People with poor metabolism. Stressed Stressed People 10. People who use mobile phones frequently. People surrounded by electrical appliances in work environment. Those who desire to create a sense of fashion. The mode of action and mechanism of people who want to get healthy germanium When 'germanium' touches the human skin and reaches above 32 degrees Celsius, the germanium element starts to push the production of negative ions inward from the outermost orbit, so that the negative ions are driven by the blood and enter the various parts of the human body through the human skin. It can restore the chaotic and abnormal electric potential in the human body to normal operation, and expel the poisons (cations) in the blood and lymph fluid from the body, so as to achieve the best health care effect of the human body.

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