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Jewelry factory talks about necklace material and style_

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-27
Jewelry factory talks about necklace material and style_KEKE jewelry factory
Necklaces are one of the popular decorative accessories and the earliest jewelry. In addition to its decorative function, it also has the function of displaying information, such as cross chains for Catholics and beads for Buddhists. In order to meet people's needs, various materials have also been developed into necklaces, including gold necklaces, silver necklaces, titanium steel necklaces, copper necklaces, zinc alloy necklaces and so on.

All kinds of jewelry, not only the materials are different, but also the aesthetics of people with different skin colors, different Chinese nationalities, and different aesthetic concepts. There are also different design styles, material characteristics, and different styles under various materials. . KEKE jewelry processing factory said that there are many kinds of materials for necklace jewelry alone. For example, the fineness of gold necklaces is red gold, 18K, and 14K; the fineness of white gold has 92.5% silver content and silver electroplating gold; Jewelry includes high-grade materials such as loose diamonds, emeralds, blue gems, emeralds, jadeite, and natural pearls, as well as medium and low-grade materials such as agate, coral jade, ivory, and cultured pearls. Titanium steel necklaces are the most popular necklaces in modern times. They have many styles and are very popular among young people.

KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that the treasure chain is a necklace made of pure precious metal materials. Main styles: whip chain, single set of chain, double set of chain, S-shaped chain, string chain, jeans chain, square silk chain, these. A fancy chain is a necklace made up of two different styles of transmission chains or parquets, usually embedded with spar. Main styles: inlaid gold chain, inlaid treasure chain, egg-shaped lace figure chain, Fulu chain, round steel pipe chain, beaded chain, letter chain, etc.

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