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Jewelry factory OEM production mode? How many species do you know?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-24
Jewelry factory OEM production mode? How many species do you know?
Many big brands do not have their own factories, and they basically find factories for OEM production. The same is true for jewelry factories. Most of them help others to manufacture instead of making their own brands. So do you understand the OEM production mode of jewelry factories? How many species do you know?

There are two common OEM models for jewelry factories, namely ODM and OEM. What's the difference between the two? OEM is completed by the manufacturer from design to production, and purchased by the OEM after the product is formed. Whether the manufacturer can produce the same product for a third party depends on whether the OEM buys out the design solution; the ODM depends on whether the brand company buys out the copyright of the product. If not, the manufacturer has the right to organize production by himself, as long as there is no design identification of the enterprise company.

It can also be understood in a simple way that the ODM mode of OEM jewelry factory, the products of the factory are branded with others; the OEM mode is the technical brand of others, and the factory is only responsible for jewelry processing and OEM production. For the brand side, it can speed up the speed of the brand enterprise's intervention in the market, and for the factory, it can also obtain continuous product profits, which is a win-win situation.

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