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Jewelry consumer demand surges, opportunities for stainless steel jewelry processing

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-02
Due to the improvement of people's material level and aesthetic development, consumers' demand for jewelry has also reached a new level. According to KeKe Jewelry, the female group with jewelry consumption demand is from 8 years old to 55 years old, and the number has roughly reached About 500 million people, this is an opportunity for stainless steel jewelry processing.

Consumer demand for jewelry The total number of people in the mainland is more than 1.28 billion. With such a huge consumer group, we can estimate that the annual consumer demand for jewelry reaches tens of billions of yuan. Because today's young people prefer stainless steel jewelry, the proportion of stainless steel jewelry processing is more.

Traditional jewelry wholesale is no longer the main method, but the multi-channel distribution format dominated by terminals has become the main channel of the clothing industry at this stage, and brand franchise chains have formed a new trade structure with the advantages of planned operations. The online marketing of jewelry is fast and greatly reduces operating costs and improves the profits of stainless steel jewelry processing enterprises.

The processing method of stainless steel jewelry used by jewelry processing plants needs to adapt to the changes of a society in this era of collection, seize the opportunity of increasing consumer demand for jewelry, and achieve self-profit by meeting consumer demand. Purpose.

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