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How to wear a stainless steel ring

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-30

At this stage in China. But many rich, powerful and powerful people wear rings or rings on their thumbs, while ordinary people generally don't wear rings on their thumbs. So the meaning of wearing a ring on the thumb is a symbol of wealth and power, not directly related to marriage and love.

From the perspective of Chinese history, ancient emperors, queens, high officials, and ministers usually wore rings or rings on their thumbs.

Wearing the ring on the thumb can be said to be Chinese. For ladies, those who like pink diamonds or pink corals are emotional and romantic. People who love rubies or rubellites are passionate. People who like sapphire or aquamarine are more introverted and cold. Those who love emeralds or Turkish gemstones have delicate feelings.

Wearing rings on different fingers can reflect psychological meanings related to character. Those who like to wear them on the index finger are more extreme and stubborn. I like to wear it on the middle finger of my right hand. Advocate the concept of moderation in life. Likes to wear it on the left middle finger, has a sense of responsibility, and attaches great importance to the family. Like to wear it on the little finger, there is a sense of inferiority. People who like to wear them on the ring finger are not ambitious, easy-going, and don't care about gains and losses.

Although small, the ring is an indispensable embellishment, brilliance, and color. It has a charm you can't imagine. How to give full play to its charm and truly reflect its function? If the ring is paired with a watch, it will greatly increase its charm. The principle is gold with gold, elegance with elegance, fashion with fashion.

If you wear colored gemstones, pay attention to the color coordination with the cuffs of bracelets, watches, and long-sleeved shirts. If you want to overlap and match rings, you should pay attention that the style and information of the rings should be basically the same, straight lines should be matched with straight lines, curves should be matched with curved lines, and the color of the two rings should be similar to the color of the thick and annual rings.

If you want to wear two rings on one finger, you need simple styles, such as: a V-shaped ring for a single gemstone ring; a thick ring with a gorgeous ring. If you want to wear the two fingers separately, it is better to wear the middle finger with the index finger and the middle finger with the ring finger. You must not wear a ring that overlaps the index finger and the ring finger, because the middle finger is separated and it will be inconsistent.

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