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How to wear a stainless steel necklace to look good?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-23
How to wear a stainless steel necklace to look good? KEKE jewelry factory
Girls' necks are slender and straight, so they will choose to match them with necklaces to set off themselves, but everyone's necks are different, and face shape and clothes will affect the effect of wearing, so how should you wear stainless steel necklaces to look good? The author of KEKE jewelry factory teaches you.

In fact, when many people choose stainless steel necklaces, they usually choose what they like, not what suits them. If you want to wear a stainless steel necklace to look good, you actually need to choose the one that suits you. The neck mainly depends on the skin color and the length of the neck, so we need to choose different styles of stainless steel necklaces according to our own characteristics. For example, a woman with a long face can wear a stainless steel flower chain, which will give people the feeling of a wider face and a thicker neck. On a woman with a thick neck, a string of smaller stainless steel necklaces will make people feel the face The department is elongated, and choosing the right stainless steel necklace can achieve a good balance.

The author of KEKE jewelry factory believes that in addition to the neck, the stainless steel necklace you want to wear looks good, and the matching of clothes is also very important. For example, a certain color of clothes with a stainless steel necklace of the same color will visually make people feel that it is a matching match. The main color dominates the temperament, such as hot and bold red, elegant and delicate white, dignified and virtuous emerald, gentle and lively. sky blue. Have you learned it?

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