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how to print on brown kraft paper sheets

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-15
Artists and Artisans use brown kraft paper in many different projects.
Brown kraft paper is a thick and strong piece of paper that can be easily abused.
In a printing project, use kraft paper to give an old, antique look or feel.
Printing with brown kraft paper in inkjet or laser printers can cause problems due to the thickness of the paper.
The printer uses different printing methods for brown kraft paper or other thick paper.
Buy brown kraft paper with paper rolls or paper, or use paper shopping bags.
Cut brown kraft paper into 8 1/2 on 11 inch sheets.
If you cut the paper food grocery bag, cut the thick sticky area in the center of the back of the bag.
It\'s too thick to pull the printer over.
Turn on the computer and find the document you want to print.
Make any necessary changes before printing.
If you print words on the page, you may want to display the words in bold so that it will show better on the page.
Remember that the paper is darker, colors like yellow and orange do not appear on the paper, and other colors look darker than usual.
Load a piece of paper into the bypass tray on the printer.
Check the location of the bypass tray in the manufacturer\'s manual as each printer is different.
The bypass tray prevents the paper from moving and twisting in the printer, so it has a more straight path.
This will not get stuck.
Do not put more than one piece of paper in the bypass tray at a time, otherwise it will pull both at the same time.
If it pulls both at the same time, it sticks to the printer that damaged the print.
Remove the paper from the regular feed source so that it does not pull two sheets of paper at the same time.
The printer will automatically reset itself to print from the available feed source (bypass.
Click on the printer icon on your computer and tell your computer to print.
It pulls out the paper in the bypass through the printer and prints the image.
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