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How to do the daily maintenance of 18k gold titanium steel jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-18
How to do the daily maintenance of 18k gold titanium steel jewelry? KEKE jewelry factory
Among the jewelry, 18k gold titanium steel jewelry is popular among people because of its fashionable beauty and high cost performance, and its sparkling appearance can be compared with gold. The following KEKE jewelry processing factory teaches you the maintenance precautions for daily maintenance of 18k gold titanium steel jewelry:

1. In the maintenance process of 18k gold titanium steel jewelry, if you have time, you can often wipe the jewelry with a fine velvet cloth, so as to keep the jewelry bright and make the jewelry more shiny.

2. When the 18k gold titanium steel jewelry is idle, first wipe the surface with cotton cloth or absorbent tissue paper, remove the gouache and dirt on the jewelry surface, and place it in a sealed bag or jewelry box. environment, avoid contact with air.

3. If we are taking a bath or doing other heavy work, it is recommended to take off the jewelry first, otherwise, after soaking in hot water or sweat, it is easy to darken the electroplating k gold color, and if it is serious, it will directly fade.

Fourth, no matter what we do, we must not pull hard on titanium steel jewelry, otherwise the gold plating will easily fall off.

5. KEKE jewelry processing factory recommends not to store 18k gold titanium steel jewelry and other types of jewelry in the same place, which will easily cause the two to rub against each other, which will damage the gold-plated layer or stain the color of other jewelry.

6. Generally, once the gold-plated things lose their luster or the gold layer is corroded, there is no way to restore the luster by washing gold water or other methods, so you must be careful when wearing them. When doing housework or washing clothes, gold-plated jewelry must be Remember to take it off to avoid being corroded by chemicals such as laundry detergent.

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