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How to choose stainless steel earrings according to hairstyle?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-09-04
How to choose stainless steel earrings according to hairstyle? KEKE jewelry processing factory
The so-called good horse with a good saddle, well-dressed hairstyle, of course, with a pair of perfect earrings. So what if you choose stainless steel earrings according to your hairstyle? Check it out with KEKE accessories below.

1. Big wavy curly hair

The big wavy perm curly hair full of the charming temperament of lazy women has always been a hairstyle that many girls like. Choose earrings with a chic design for a more trendy look. The exquisiteness of the shell pendant, trapped in the middle of the large ring, highlights the contrasting design scheming. These earrings can be easily controlled by most face shapes, and also have a visual effect that modifies the face shape. With a big wavy hairstyle that can show a small face, you will instantly become a delicate girl with a small face.

2, high ponytail hair

The high ponytail hairstyle itself is a bit layered, but not too complicated. Wearing a pair of small circle earrings designed with small pearls, it is embellished and has a delicate and simple beauty. Small earrings will not add pressure to the high ponytail, but it can make the whole simplicity not monotonous.

3. Short hair with inner button

Short haircuts with inner buttons seem to be a hairstyle that will not go out of style. Many popular hairstyles are adjusted or processed on the basis of the inner button design to create the effect of modifying the face shape. Match it with a dark brown that shows white skin, and then match it with delicate and small earrings, which can highlight the temperament of a delicate girl.

4. Lazy roll

Lazy-style lazy curly perm, coupled with bangs on both sides, would have a small face. The bangs on the cheeks hang naturally like two small fringes, and with large circle earrings, it can better modify the face shape. The large circle earrings, which seem simple but are actually uniquely designed, are exaggerated and fashionable, and they can especially show a small face.

5. Short hair

A pair of earrings that are just right can beautify your contour lines and present a delicate and smooth sense of sight. The delicate and sexy style of the short ear-raising hairstyle itself, when paired with long rhinestone stud earrings, instantly adds an intellectual and feminine temperament. Whether it is a date or a banquet, the earrings are very suitable, which will improve your appearance a lot, and concave the delicate sense of fashionable women.

Delicate girls are inseparable from well-dressed; beautiful hairstyles are inseparable from perfect stainless steel earrings.

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