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How to choose a pearl bracelet? Two matching styles

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-08
The pearl bracelet is very beautiful, but the style is also very difficult to choose. If you don't choose well, it will be very dirty to wear. KEKE jewelry processing factory believes that it is right to choose the following two versatile styles.

1. Single row pearl bracelet

This is a relatively common and classic style of pearl bracelets. It is mainly composed of pearls with almost the same size, shape and color. Like titanium steel bracelets, this is a versatile bracelet style. Wearing this kind of bracelet can give people a sense of boldness and atmosphere, capable and powerful, so many people like to wear single-row pearl bracelets.

2. Multi-row pearl bracelet

Among the multi-row pearl bracelets, double-row and three-row pearl bracelets are more common. They are made of pearl bracelets of different lengths. The workmanship of multi-row pearl bracelets is more complicated and delicate, and the classic style design is more elegant. Multi-row pearl bracelets are neither It will appear too restrained and not too cluttered. Like 18k gold titanium steel jewelry, it is suitable for matching with dresses and can show an elegant and luxurious beauty.

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