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how sweet it is!

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-09-04
The product candy company is exploding at Krave candy company in Winnipeg, which has one of the most delicious snacks in Canada.
Led by the young energetic duo ChrisEmery and Larry Finnson in their 20 s, Krave\'s revenue grew from $59,000 to $642,000, with total revenue growing by 988 over three years
Graham wafer cookies, cashews recipe is packed in white chocolate, packed in elegant gift box packaging, placed in front of Walmart
Send a matthika this Christmas.
A feat of a large retail chain and a huge ticket of trust.
Made from Emory\'s grandmother Edith Baker\'s family recipe, clodstrom pers was also named the best new food of the year by Alberta Food Processing Association in 1997, diversifying from Western Canada\'s economy
The intention of the two to become a key player in the Candi industry has drawn interest in the CBC business show venture capital, which will be aired this spring.
\"It\'s very disturbing because at a public sampling meeting at Wal-Mart, the camera was on us --
Holy. James.
However, the result was good because we sold about 50 boxes in an hour and a half . \"
Shopkeepers Chris Emory and Larry Fenson worked hard to get their product under the spotlight and they did their own work locally
Store product samples, encourage national drug store chain Shoppers to sell established products nationwide in the drug market.
All along, they are also refining their production changes, from 50 lbs of manual to 300 lbs of automation per day.
This is due to the purchase of some old equipment and some impact on innson\'s imagination and creativity.
Fenson said, \"it\'s just a temporary madness.
\"A year ago, the company made a major change in the views of the Union of physics and Froman, as it left an old garage on WellingtonAvenue for use in St.
Boniface industrial park
This involves reaching an agreement with John Conrad, an experienced and successful food dealer.
Krave now has more space and the use of production equipment.
The company has now grown from two to eight.
The product was originally packed in cans.
Then the couple began to eat snacks. size bags -
Encourage people to chew them as an impulse.
Finally, in April 1998, they changed the format of 300 grams and set up
Girl Box in black and red.
The new packaging was immediately hit and opened the door for major retailers such as Wal-Mart
Supermarkets, Safeway, shoppers, pharmacies, restaurants, IGAs and Save-On Foods, etc.
Emory said that once the boxes were put on shelves, they sold more products in two months than they did in the whole of last year.
The challenge for Krave has always been to raise awareness of the product.
The couple worked hard by hiring a national model company.
\"If we make up our minds and look at something, we can achieve it,\" says Emory.
That\'s how we are.
\"He and Fenson praised their hard work and determination, as well as a special and delicious product for their great success.
But they do have a concern.
According to Fenson, the biggest problem for young entrepreneurs with such increased demand is financing.
\"We have been looking for funds, investors or other options.
\"So far, they have received international offers from the United States --based company.
Murray said they would also seriously consider raising local interest. (
Liz keensky is a winniperg.
Free writer. )
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