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How much is the MOQ for titanium steel necklace OEM? price?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-18
How much is the MOQ for titanium steel necklace OEM? price?
Jewelry personalization has become a development trend, and consumer groups are becoming more and more personalized, among which titanium steel necklaces are more obvious, and orders for titanium steel necklace OEMs have also increased recently. So do you know what the MOQ is for titanium steel necklace OEM? What's the price like?

The minimum order quantity of titanium steel necklace OEM is mainly based on customer needs for cost accounting, so each factory is different in terms of minimum order quantity. KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on the customization and OEM of titanium steel jewelry. Although it can't give you an accurate value, what I can tell you is that the MOQ does not need to be very high, and 3500 can be OEM. We can also undertake 100 small-scale OEM jewelry, and we are committed to providing customized services for each customer.

With such a small order quantity, will the price of titanium steel necklace OEM be very expensive? No, we all quote based on process and processing costs, and the prices are moderate. Of course, the larger the number of customizations, the lower the cost price. This is the law of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, when the factory customizes jewelry in small batches, it needs to calculate the cost in combination with technology, material, electroplating treatment, etc., and the price will not be very expensive.

KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on titanium steel jewelry processing and customized OEM, supports small batch processing, own jewelry team, new styles every month, strong OEM, to meet all your requirements for jewelry

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