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How much is a titanium steel ring?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-20
How much is a titanium steel ring? KEKE jewelry factory
Titanium steel is 316L stainless steel, and titanium steel rings are popularly said to be stainless steel rings. Titanium steel rings are more common in boutiques and are common decorations, so are titanium steel rings valuable? How much is a titanium steel ring? Share the relevant introduction below.

Are titanium steel rings worth it? Titanium steel material is not expensive, at least a stainless steel basin is only a dozen yuan in the store, and it only takes a few grams to make a titanium steel ring, so the price is naturally relatively cheap.

How much is a titanium steel ring

According to the relevant quotations in the market, ordinary titanium steel rings can be bought for about ten or twenty yuan. Some better titanium steel rings are about hundreds of yuan. There are also titanium steel rings with quotations of about 300-500 yuan or thousands of yuan. .

The specific quotation of titanium steel ring has a great relationship with the selected style, material, sales channel, etc. For example, rings with more complex styles will be more expensive, while simple styles are cheaper. In terms of material, the value of titanium steel itself is not high, but if it is inlaid with some precious gems, its value will be increased accordingly. In terms of sales channels, the impact on the price of the ring is also relatively large. The same titanium steel ring is more expensive in high-end boutiques than in ordinary stores.

How about titanium steel ring

The unique silver-gray tone of titanium steel has a good performance whether it is polished, mercerized or matt. Titanium steel rings not only have good corrosiveness, but also will not appear discoloration and other conditions, and the hardness is also higher than other common ordinary metal materials. , it is very suitable for daily jewelry. Due to its low price, titanium steel rings are a good choice for students or fashion lovers who don't want to spend too much money.

Are titanium steel rings harmful to the human body?

The main elements of titanium steel are Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo. Many people who do not know why are worried about whether titanium steel is harmful to the human body and whether titanium steel rings can directly contact the human body. According to the authoritative introduction, titanium steel is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and belongs to the accessories that can touch the skin.

Do titanium steel rings fade?

One of the advantages of titanium steel is that it will never change color, and it is resistant to strong acids and alkalis. Even if it comes into contact with these substances, it will not change, so the titanium steel ring itself will not fade. However, in the case of a titanium steel ring with a surface coating, the surface coating may peel off over time, giving the impression of discoloration.

Titanium steel rings are inexpensive and can be used as accessories for everyday wear. However, if you are buying a pair of rings, wedding rings and other rings with special meanings, it is recommended to choose more precious 18K gold, platinum and other rings, such as 'melody', 'fingerprint password', 'love and love', ' I have you in my heart' and other ring styles.

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