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How is the style of titanium steel jewelry defined?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-10
How is the style of titanium steel jewelry defined?
The style of titanium steel jewelry is also the characteristic, which is the creative thought and artistic characteristics expressed by the designer's creation. The style of titanium steel jewelry is a comprehensive reflection of many factors.

In practice, it is often difficult to define the style of titanium steel jewelry, because the designer may have added original decoration to the current design when designing. There are many ethnic elements in the avant-garde design, but modern craftsmanship is used in the classical design.

With the development of modern transportation, the opening of society and other factors, the cultural industries of the East and the West gradually penetrate each other, and the difference is gradually narrowing. The jewelry design has entered a period of style diversification. Now jewelry often no longer has a simple style, so it should be considered comprehensively when defining jewelry style and classifying styles.

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