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How cufflinks were born

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-26

Legend has it that it originated in ancient Greece. Probably 14th to 17th century. One of the most popular menswear art in Europe. For men of taste, that is, from the Gothic Renaissance to the Baroque. Cufflinks are the smallest decoration, probably aside from the ring. Because most of the materials are precious metals, and some are inlaid with diamonds and gems, they have been put on the aura of aristocrats from birth. Cufflinks have therefore become the only item that people measure men's taste, and the selection, matching and use are all men's knowledge.

Cufflinks are small, but the styles are ever-changing. In addition to the circles and squares of the radicals, there are also shapes such as water droplets, lines, and Chinese knots. The patterns include totems, tai chi steering wheels, fruits, cartoons, zodiac signs, constellations and so on. Elegant, playful and uninhibited.

It is very knowledgeable to match cufflinks: 1. Match cufflinks according to the color of shirts and dresses;

2. Choose the cufflinks of the same color as the belt buckle and tie clip;

3. Choose cufflinks according to the style of the party.

Washing Care: For regular cufflinks, add a few drops of a mild detergent to warm water and wipe gently with cotton or a soft brush, such as a soft old toothbrush dampened with water. After the dirt is removed, please rinse with clean water and dry, and the cufflinks will be clean and shiny again. Such as topaz, emerald, crystal, agate, opal, etc. , are embedded in the jewelry, do not wash with warm water, brush with a brush dipped in soapy water, and then dry with water.

Note: Cufflinks must be kept away from nail polish, gel water, toilet water and other chemicals. Once soiled, wipe with an absorbent cloth or paper towel as soon as possible, then rinse and dry. But the stainless steel material does not have to worry about this. Stainless steel itself has the properties of corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

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