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five watches to buy instead of that $10,000 apple watch hybrid

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-06-14
Earlier this week, the new watch brand Nico Gerrard broke out at the scene by releasing the peak into the infamous history book.
This is a mechanical watch that integrates an Apple Watch into a metal bracelet.
Its stainless steel prices are close to $10,000 and 18k gold is over $110,000, both of which are in the \"stop, you\'re a jerk\" position.
There are five watches here, and the price is lower, which will make you more reputable along the way.
Super Thin Moon Master ($9,250)
It\'s in YEG-
Jijia is best at: elegant engineering.
It\'s only 9 years old. 9mm thick (with a4.
9mm movement under the dial)
Aesthetics is classic and low-key.
The date at 6 shows that there is also a moon.
The phase is complex and the faceted hourly mark makes it easy to read in any light.
The sunburned black dial is new this year, but the traditional silver is a great spare dial.
Because you don\'t have an Apple Watch, Jerry.
Manipulating your bracelet doesn\'t mean you need to go to a completely inadequate placethe-radar specimen.
This Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT ($7,000)has an all-
Steel case and bracelet, but with gold trim on the bezel and dial, both are mellowtone execution.
Best part: Spring Drive motion is a hybrid electric/mechanical system that you can take pride in.
As you expect from Rolex, Oyster Perpetual motion 39mm ($5,700)
Is to do the details.
This case is thinner than most Rolex, and the size is between casual and wearing --up easily. You\'d be hard-
Find a better watch for everyday driving.
The dial has a variety of color combinations and is more adventurous than the usual choice of Swiss stalkers, including gray and light blue, brushed blue and neon green, and even plums and raspberries.
Luminio pier 1950 ($8,000)
There is a 44mm shell and the profile is firm but it is made of titanium so you can lift your wrist.
There\'s a whole inside-house P.
The 9000 moves automatically, giving you a three-day power reserve.
This is a strong watch, perfect for this time of year.
In addition, Panerai has also openedboutique for U. S.
Just a few weeks ago, the customer came, so it was easy to get one. Vintage-
Inspired Watches are becoming more and more popular, WW1-97 Heritage($4,500)
This is a good example.
Even today, the updated 45mm case size is large, but the look reminds people of the very early watches soldiers wore in the trenches during World War I.
The dial is dark with a gold plated finish and the numbers are exposed metal, not paint, adding another texture size.
The thin lugs come with a black alligator leather strap, and the feel of this sports watch is a bit buckled.
OK, for a great pure gold watch, this Cl é de Cartier ($34,900)
Not the peak of Sunrise. Please.
The unique shape of the case is bent on the wrist, and the Crown reminds you of a small winding key.
If you also have to have some technology, you can buy watches and ridiculous Tesla Model S for just a few thousand dollars over the Sunrise Peak.
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