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fifteen laughable warning labels

by:Keke Jewelry     2019-10-19
On 2003, Brandon parch threw a ball at an American Legion baseball game in Monte Helena.
The batter opened it, and the screaming team threw the patch on the head and sent him to the dirt.
At dusk, 18-year-old was dead.
Six years later, a jury in Montana approved Patch\'s family for $850,000 to cover their son\'s loss of income, pain and pain.
The jury found Hillerich & Bradsby, the manufacturer\'s Louis will aluminum alloy baseball bat, delivered the shoot and failed to properly warn consumers of the danger to the product.
Brandon\'s mother, Debbie parch, said in a recent telephone interview: \"If you label this bat with the words \'use this bat, may your son hesitate before using the product? I would.
Hillerich & Bradsby will not comment on the case or the possibility of adding a warning tag.
A warning tag on a baseball bat?
Despite the tragedy of Brandon parch in baseball-
Most do not involve aluminum bats.
\"The legal system in the United States is based on the fact that there are things that are very obvious that you don\'t need to warn [them]
\"Bob Dorigo Jones, a senior fellow at the fair Civil Justice Foundation, said it was a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the American legal system.
Nevertheless, he added, \"Since the legal system has become a litigation lottery ticket, this has not prevented people from suing.
\"Small businesses that are unable to pay wages, not to mention defending themselves against false lawsuits, may also be in trouble.
In 2007 cases of product liability, the median value of the jury\'s decision was just over $1.
9 million, the jury judgment study estimates that the study runs the country\'s largest database of plaintiffs and defense judgments and settlements arising from personal injury claims.
Success rate of plaintiff: 50%.
In the picture: 15 ridiculous warning labels in the picture: 10 Zany patent scholars at all costs: 17 terrible business expressions \"damage to the United States\"S.
\"It may be much larger than other countries,\" said Ted Frank, founder and chairman of the tort reform organization\'s collective litigation Equity Center.
According to a 2007 study by the Pacific Research Institute, a public policy think tank, the US spent about £ 2.
2% per cent of gross domestic product ($312 billion)
Other developed countries, such as the cost of direct infringement in Japan and the United States. K. , spend just 0. 9%.
While the interpretation of liability laws varies from state to state, these cases are essentially attributed to two principles.
First of all, the company must be careful not to put customers in a \"unforeseen\" danger, assuming that these customers act in a \"reasonable\" manner when using a product or service. (
A bottle of Coca repeatedly poked
For example, Coke in your eyes and prosecution damages may not fly in court).
Again, for a particular jury, the composition of reasonable conduct is anyone\'s guess.
Second, companies must provide adequate warning of the \"foreseeable\" danger.
So, product packaging and all these stupid warning labels on the company\'s website have surged.
Click here and we can find 15 of the most ridiculous tags, in part because of the author of remove kids before folding: 101 of the stupidest, stupidest and weirdest warning tags
He also hosted the annual eccentric warning label contest with the Fair Civil Justice Foundation, challenging Americans to find the most ridiculous warning label in the country.
2009 winner: a small tractor made by the New Netherlands with a warning to \"avoid death.
\"Here are some other gems: Label: Do not put anyone in this washing machine product: the Huebsch washing machine is loaded first: white;
The second load: The youngest daughter.
* Tags: not used for navigation products: Why does Hilton Head cocktail napkinstadt display a map of the resort on a napkin?
How about a cool-looking parrot?
Or the phone number of a great fish restaurant?
* Label: This product is not intended to be used as a dental drill product: the rotating tool of Dremel Multipro in the era of Obamacare, you can\'t be too careful.
* Label: always use this product with adult supervision products: kelog grain bowling fedora-
Your brother\'s style can do some damage.
And then the whole drowning. in-the-milk thing.
Breakfast was dangerous!
In the picture: 15 ridiculous warnings labelsdorio Jones hopes that exposing these tags will raise concerns about a deeper, more costly issue.
\"Americans are numb to litigation abuse,\" he said . \"
\"We want these labels to inspire people as jury and election decision makers.
We want to prevent people from being victims of trivial litigation.
\"There\'s another side to the ridiculous label ---
That is to say, they may make us all less secure.
\"Due to the overload of warning labels, consumers ignore important warnings because they are overwhelmed by unimportant warnings,\" Frank said . \".
For business owners seeking more protection, the fair Civil Justice Foundation has developed a series of 30-
Legal tutorial.
Please avoid death during this period.
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